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Online Marketing
(SMS and Email Marketing)



Our Coverage: GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk, Citycell.



Dynamic Sender ID or Brand Name: (Maximum Alphanumeric 11 Characters.) Sender Masking: Unlimited

Broadcasting speed: 300 – 1000 sms per sec

Protected Web Access: Password protected Web access for anywhere convenience

Multi-Language Support: Send Unicode messages in Bangla and other languages.

No Text Limit: Send messages to over 160 characters, our system supports long sms upto 740 characters or more.

Worldwide Access: Send from anywhere any time 24/7 Just One Click.

Saved Messages: You Can Set Pre Define SMS Templates.Not Type Every time same sms.

SMPP connectivity: Our SMPP connectivity is very lightweight, efficient and high performance protocol for sending Large/Bulk SMS messages.

Real Time SMS Delivery Report.

All over the local GSM and CDMA coverage.

Upload the number list from a text file (Notepad) or excel sheet (CSV Format).

24x7 Phone, Online chat and Email support .

No hidden costs.

Easy to use user interface.

Message Broadcast: Send single, Bulk SMS or group SMS by one Click & Auto Schedule.

Address Book/Phone book: Unlimited Contacts Management.

Delivery Report: After Sending SMS, status will show Pending. After recipients read SMS then status show Delivered otherwise Undelivered/Expired.

History: Searchable broadcast log (Instant, Mass SMS, and Scheduled etc.) history that shows complete Text, Recipient Number, Date & Time, Delivery report.

Auto Scheduled SMS: Send SMS on scheduled date and time. A very good feature for sms promotion campaigns.

Payment Type: Prepaid

Payment option: Through Cheque, Cash, bkash, mBanking (DBBL Mibile Banking) or Bank Transfer. (Payment will be goes to ICOMBD)

Security: 100% Security & Privacy Protection.

We are the leading bulk SMS service provider in Bangladesh. Our main strength is speed, reliability and honesty.

Our All SMS Packages

Details Duration Price
Package 1 SMS Volume 1,000-4,999 Life Time 0.95 Taka Per SMS credit
Package 2 SMS Volume 5,000-9,999 Life Time 0.72 Taka Per SMS credit
Package 3 SMS Volume 10,000-49,999 Life Time 0.63 Per SMS credit
Package 4 SMS Volume 50,000-100000 or above Life Time 0.60 Per SMS credit


Viral Marketing Packages

We are ready to help you to make sales of your additional unit of production (products or services)

Are you trying hard to make sales according to your desire?

We are ready to serve you. We have more than 9 Lacs email addresses of Bangladeshi Corporate, Professional persons. Now you can easily segment your customers and promote your activities to them without slaying time and resources. As a result, you can reduce more than 85% of your marketing costs depending on your business nature.

Justifications: Every company spends their maximum effort to branding and marketing their products to the targeted group of peoples. Some of them become potential customers and largest are non-potential. But for the marketing and branding purpose, company should occupy some marketing people to do the activities. At that point, cost becomes increased and some inefficiency raised due to marketing stuffs activities and inactivates. This is also a tough process to monitor the marketing people sharply from the management level.

Don’t worry, we never tell you to stop the marketing activities. We just requesting you to add new dimension of marketing with existing campaign and compare after 1month.

A good email marketing campaign can help you:

Increase Your Sales Conversion
    Generate Repeat Sales
    Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services
    Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
    Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases
    Communicate instantly
    Reach anyone, anywhere
    arget specific customers
    Gather customer feedback
    Track your campaign



Our Packages

Details Duration Price
Package 1 1 time Email Marketing to 2,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 2 Days 7,000 TK
Package 2 1 time Email Marketing to 4,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 3 Days 13,000 TK
Package 3 1 time Email Marketing to 5,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 4 Days 15,000 TK
Package 4 1 time Email Marketing to 7,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 7 Days 20,000 TK
Package 5 1 time Email Marketing to 9,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 10 Days 24,000 TK
Package 6 1 time Email Marketing to 12,00,000 Corporate Email Addresses 16 Days 28,000 TK


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